Happy Chinese New Year and Lists of Cafes Open

Caffeine cravings¬†over this long Chinese New Year Weekend? If you goat to have coffee… Here are two lists compiled”

Caffenetizen compiled this list for cafes open around KL, Subang Jaya and Ipoh.

Caffenetizen's Guide

Click for full-size.

The guys or rather Levi at Barista Guild Asia was up at 5am doing up this list too. It covers the whole weekend. Check it out:

BGA's Guide

Awesome work by these guys and we’ve shared these lists out on our social media already. Some cafes may have been visited out so do visit both these guys’ pages to find out more information.

There’s always our CafeHop My map at www.cafehop.my to help you find these cafes. Best to call ahead to check if they are open.

We would love your feedback to keep us improving. We are looking at adding new features and of course, new cafes along the way so do bear with us. However, do drop us your thoughts with an email at cafehopkl[at]gmail.com

Happy Chinese New Year, Peeps! May prosperity and coffee flow your way.