Keeping CafeHop MY Going – Sponsors and Advertisers

“Where can I find a cafe to wait the traffic out or someone in between meetings? Or someone to catch my breath from busy urban life?”

Cafes have always been a great in-between space for me and CafeHop started on the idea of helping people find such places. Over time, this project evolves and expands along the way. However, the simple idea of helping people look for good coffee, good ambience, good service and good food, remains. Over the last six months, we have expanded to include the whole of Malaysia, perhaps, biting more than we can chew but a challenge we look forward to.

Also in the last two/three months, as you may have noticed – we have had some advertisements and sponsors running along with our desktop map. For the last year, CafeHop MY has been largely self-funded and the maps produced backed in 2013 was a one-off funded project.

Going forward, this project take up costs and time to update and to curate cafes old and new. With these sponsors and advertisers, we get to keep it all going while trying new ideas that benefit cafe hoppers and the coffee community, at large.

So a big thank you to the following sponsors for 2015 to help keep this project going:

a) Coffex Coffee

Coffex Coffee is a recognisable brand in the coffee community, supplying many machines (Slayers, anyone? An EK maybe?), beans and trained many a barista along the away as well. Their tagline ‘An educator of everything coffee’ is very apt.


b) Global Harvest Coffee

One of the most interesting house blends I have tasted was at Lucy in the Sky pulled by their then head barista Sima Manan. And it still tastes pretty awesome the times we have been back. Global Harvest does exactly that: Custom blends for cafes that give customers a unique taste having them wanting more.” Based in Singapore, they are the largest licenced artisan roastery there and they believe in freshly roasted specialty Arabica coffee.

Email: &

c) The Roast Things

Anyone who has been following the Malaysian Barista Championship (MBC) or Coffee Famille, would recognise the co-founders behind this place. One a barista championship judge at the recent MBC (also Taster Cup Champion Malaysia 2014) and another a former cafe owner/respectable brewer. These two, Tow Jin and Ving have joined forces to “source, roast, cup and share pretty darn good coffees [for] you”. Besides roasting coffees, they also have sensory workshops for people who wish to explore more about coffee.

Phone No: 012-3896391

d) Q Cup Coffee Lab

If you see superstar baristas from around the globe coming down to the Klang Valley, it is probably the work of Q Cup Coffee Lab. Q Cup is accredited and certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) for its coffee lab cum school and roasts coffee as well. They offer classes on roasting, brewing, sourcing green beans and more.

Contact: 012 – 322 6699 (Yu)

e) Sprezzatura Coffee
Part cafe and part roastery – Sprezzatura is one of the friendliest micro roasters around. You can experience this yourself in the cafe by just spending an early morning there watching their regulars linger around with their coffees in hand. Sometimes, you can catch their roaster in action and chat to them to know more about their coffees which feature across quite a few cafes around Klang Valley.


Our two current (February to End of April) advertisers are: (Last updated April 2015)

a) Auresso
With more discerning coffee drinkers returning abroad, Auresso Coffee wanted to bridge the gap between freshly roasted premium Arabica coffee and the local Malaysian landscape of Robusta based coffee.

So, they started to supply freshly roasted premium Arabica coffees, fine teas, coffee and tea accessories on their website to consumers and the coffee community, at large.

Sign up for their newsletter here for updates on seasonal offerings, offers and more at their site (see right hand side).

b) Blaq Coffee
Blaq Coffee is extremely passionate about coffee. So passionate that they source freshly roasted beans from independent small batch coffee roasters from around Malaysia and mail them to you monthly. So, if you’re a filter coffee lover and need your monthly fix, they are your best fuss-free choice to taste the best Malaysia has to offer specialty coffee lovers.

Sample as little as 50g in four tiny boxes to upwards of 100g to anything from four to eight boxes. Click here.

A big thank you to the whole CHMY team and also these sponsors and advertisers. Happy cafe hopping!

Joachim Leong
Co-Founder and Project Manager of CafeHop MY
Where there’s Coffee, there’s Community.

P.S. We are always open to more ideas, cafes to add and everything else, reach out to –