CafeHop MY (Formerly CafeHop KL) is a mapping project mapping independent cafes around Malaysia. (not just the Klang Valley)

In our first year (2013), made a digital map (version 1.0) and also printed copies to distribute among 28 cafes that have supported this project in our first year. It was also supported by Barista Guild Asia (BGA), Coffex, Dankoff, Auresso and Cuppa. Thank you for your support in our first year, or we would not be here, today.

Since then, we have branched out further to explore Malaysia. We rely on the cafe/coffee community for recommendations around the country, and we like to think ourselves as a platform for the indie cafe/coffee community. Thank you for your support too.

Cafes are always chosen based on a combination of good coffee, good food, good service and/or good vibes, in general.  We hope you find a place you can call home away from home and have a great coffee. We all start with coffee for the caffeine but eventually, find something more, be it flavours, conversations or a cause.

Our digital map is currently on version 1.0 (beta) for our map. This blog is meant to help cafe goes, its owners and coffee lovers but generally, the communities that gather around coffee. Also, may be used for announcements we have.

Where there’s coffee, there’s community.

Thank you to contributors – Lenard Lock, Eugene Chiu and Wei Lun, Wei Hseng Chan to name a few and the supportive coffee community of baristas, coffee lovers, cafe owners, and coffee company peeps.

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  1. Hi there!
    A friend referred me to the Cafe Hop website. I love its layout and simplicity.
    I am a Malaysia currently living in Bali now. We are heading back to KL this weekend. We will be travelling with a friend who would like to find out about coffee roaster scene in KL. He is mad about coffee, roast his own beans and carry them along his travels. We will be in KL for a week from this coming weekend onwards.
    I would really appreciate if you can suggest some coffee roasters that he should check out while in KL.

    Warm regards,

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